More Facts About Achilles Tendonitis:

The Achilles tendon does not have a rich blood supply. Blood supply is weakest at a point between 2 and 6 cm above its insertion into the calcaneus (heel bone).

Ignoring pain in the Achilles tendon (ie. "running through the pain") is the biggest cause of chronic Achilles tendonitis.

For cyclists, initial Achilles tendon stress is often caused by having a low saddle height. This low saddle height can result in excessive dorsiflexion of the foot, which stresses the Achilles tendon.

The Achilles tendon is the connection between the heel and the most powerful muscle group in the body.

Tennis and soccer players over 40 are the most frequent sufferers of tennis leg (calf muscle strain).

Sudden increases in running and or active sprinting sports can cause Achilles tendonitis.

Excessive running up and down hills can aggravate the Achilles tendon.

Stiff shoe soles at the ball of the foot will increase Achilles tendon strain.

Excessive heel shock absorption can overstretch the Achilles tendon.

Tight hamstrings and/or tight calf muscles create excess strain on the Achilles tendon.

For triatheletes, the most common cause of injuries to the Achilles tendon is overpronation, inflexibility, or lack of strength.

Immobility, due to an Achilles injury, may result in a contracted Achilles tendon and an increased amount of scar tissue.


Possible Reasons for High Rates of Achilles Injury:

Timing and Coordination problems during a running sprint. A running style leading to excessive heel shock is an example of this.

An Improperly healed achilles injury will predispose you to another achilles re-injury.

Weekend warrior - type of activities. An achilles tendon unused to the high stresses in some sports are more prone to injury than an achilles tendon that is accustomed to such stresses on a regular basis.

Improper warm-up before exercise.

Certain Lower Back Issues may potentially cause weakened muscles; weak calf muscles are more prone to achilles strain than stronger calf muscles.


Running Knee Injury Specialists are Friendly and Helpful.

Cutting Edge Achilles Tendon Injury Treatments

Years of Hard Work Building on Fundamental Treatment Concepts Have Resulted in Improved Conservative Treatment Options for Achilles Tendon Tears, Ruptures and other Lower Leg Injuries


We Promise You Will:

  • Accelerate the Healing Rate of your Achilles Tendinitis
  • Accelerate the Healing Rate of your Achilles Tendon Tear/Strain
  • Experience an Accelerated Rate of Recovery after Achilles Surgery (post surgical rehab)
  • Decrease Inflammation in your Achilles Quickly.
  • Decrease your Pain Quickly and Significantly
  • Increase the Range of Motion (ROM) in your Heel joint and Lower Calf Muscles(reduction of atrophy)
  • Decrease the Incidence of Overcompensation Injuries
  • Decrease your Chance of Re-Injury by Healing More Completely & Quickly (less scar tissue).
  • Decrease your Chance of Re-Injury by Learning About What Caused the Injury in the First Place.

just like thousand of our customers have. They simply decided to try our home treatment recommendations and committed themselves to a daily treatment protocol.

But before you decide on an achilles treatment path, an understanding of the three major stages of the healing process is critical. With the right knowledge and the right treatment options, you can accelerate your recovery without the fear of re-injury or setbacks (which unfortunately, happens to many people - we will explain why further down the page).

Step 1: Reduce The Initial Inflammation

Inflammation is the body's natural response to a shoulder injury and is a normal part of the healing process - helping to reduce tissue infection in the early stages of injury. Swelling, pain, heat sensation, redness, and loss of function are the main symptoms experienced and it is your bodys way of telling you there is something wrong.

The combination of cold therapy and static compression is the gold standard in medicine for minimizing tissue damage and reducing inflammation after injury or activity. It serves as a critical bridge into the next phase of the healing process.

Step 2: Enhance Blood Flow to the Injured Soft Tissue

Tendons,ligaments, cartilage, and some muscle fibres are considered dense tissues. As a result, they naturally receive limited blood flow and this is precisely why injuries to these tissues take so long to heal. The challenge is, how do you effectively increase blood flow to these tissues in the achilles tendon?

  • Rigorous exercise is out of the question as it will lead to further injury.
  • Heating pads merely provide a surface heat and do not effectively penetrate into the dense, thick tissue.
  • Therapy is helpful, but that only happens a few times a week.
Soft Tissue Healing by Blood Circulation Boost

It is through the blood the body carries the nutrients, oxygen, and antibodies the injured tissues need to repair and rebuild. Research shows that electromagnetic energy is a very effective treatment for stimulating blood flow to dense tissues such as tendons, ligaments, muscles, and even portions of cartilage. This dramatically improves the healing process.

Electromagnetic energy is an energy waveform that is absorbed by dense tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments) and absorbed much less by low density tissue (fat cells, skin). Absorption of this energy translates to heat, and the body increases blood flow to the area as a response to the heat. This increased blood flow speeds up the healing process, clearing the area of toxins and excess fluid build up, thereby reducing inflammation. This process is simply known as DTR Therapy, and stands for Deep Tissue Regeneration Therapy. This is a very important tool for complete and fast healing!

Step 3: Recognize That Healing is a Process

Soft Tissue Healing by Blood Flow Stimulation

With dedication, the right tools, and the right information - you will achieve your goal of a sustainable recovery. A combination approach of cold compression therapy, deep heat treatments, and functional movements will make it happen much more quickly. Healing takes a comprehensive approach and will differ from person to person.

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Impressive Healing Solutions for the Achilles Tendon

Achilles tendon injury is common in running

For years, professional athletes have had access to treatment methods that allow them to heal much more quickly and more completely than you or I. That is why injured athletes are often back in the game in a matter of weeks, while you could suffer for months or even years. Times have changed - Professional Grade Achilles therapy devices are now available for anyone that needs them!

Achilles tendon injuries can, and do happen to anyone - not just professional athletes. Right now, there are thousands of doctors and physical therapists dealing with patients that require a solution to heal their injury as fast as possible. Maybe they are competitive athletes that must return to their sport quickly, or perhaps they are just patients that are unwilling to just take pain pills, lay in bed and wait.

No matter who you are or your reasons, if you want to properly deal with your Achilles injury or Achilles post-surgery recovery, you need to learn about AidMyAchilles's system utilizing Blood Circulation Boost Therapy and Cold Therapy. We have many happy customers that have healed their Achilles injury faster than they expected as well as significantly reduced their pain during treatment.

A healthy Achilles tendon will remain flexible, providing control of your foot when walking, running or moving up or down a flight of stairs. If any of these activities are impaired your Achilles tendon may be injured.

The truth is that your body already knows how to heal an Achilles tendon or ankle injury. Your body will even start healing from the moment that it's injured. It truly is amazing what your body is capable of... but these healing processes need help to speed up healing of serious soft tissue injuries and help provide long-term, sustainable results.

For Achilles injury sufferers there are effective options for a superior level of treatment of Achilles Tendon and Calf Muscle injuries that you probably do not know about. We now have thousands of clients that have achieved their goal of overcoming a debilitating Achilles injury and have returned back to their regular activities sooner than expected by treating themselves at home.

Regardless of whether you just injured your Achilles (you have an acute tear) or your Achilles keeps getting reinjured when you try to return to work or sports - we can definitely help you!

You won't find anything better to treat your Achilles injury at home.

In fact, our same products are recommended more and more often by physical therapists as a way for you, their client, to treat yourself in between physical therapy sessions. The AidMyAchilles rehab system utilizing Deep Tissue Regeneration Therapy (Blood Circulation Boost Therapy), Cold Therapy and Passive Achilles Tendon Stretching are the best medical treatment devices that you can use at home. They are approved by the FDA for use in the hospital or at home.

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We will do our best to help provide you with information you need to receive long-lasting pain relief and healing for your Achilles tendon, ankle, calf muscle or lower leg injury. Our extensive research and time within the industry will be of great benefit to you. In our experience with hundreds of previous clients, developing a course of action sooner rather than later will put you in a better position for quicker and more sustainable improvement.

Living with an Achilles tendon injury of any kind is never easy and we can help to provide answers about prevention, causes, treatment options, and ways to manage your injury for the short and long term.

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We have many happy customers that have healed their Achilles injury faster than they expected as well as significantly reduced their pain during treatment and their overall Achilles tendon recovery process:

What it Really Means to have an Achilles Tendon Injury

plantaris tendon, achilles tendon anatomy

The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the human body - this is because of the major stresses taken on by this tendon when running, climbing stairs and playing sports. Basically this tendon needs to be large to allow for all of these activities and when it gets injured, it will definitely impact pretty much any activity you might take for granted (ie. walking, bending over, climbing stairs, driving, loading a dishwasher).

Anyone can injure their Achilles tendon badly, though the Achilles is most often injured from overuse or as a result from excessive strain (even a traumatic accident or sudden pop). This can happen with runners that have increased the intensity and/or duration of their running. It is also common among weekend warriors aged 35 to 50 that play sports such as basketball or tennis. Excessive stress placed on the Achilles tendon during infrequent sporting periods can lead to this type of injury.

Everyone can be affected by degeneration of their Achilles tendon over time. As we age, our tissue ages too. Any repetitive or frequent movement can place stress on your Achilles tendon over the years. This includes restricted movement due to sitting at a desk job for years, or even constant activity from physically demanding jobs. You need to be aware that this injury can happen to anyone and is not just isolated to atheletes!

In most cases, mild to moderate injury of the Achilles tendon (ie. tendonitis, tendinosis, tenosynovitis) can be treated through conservative treatments outlined by a physician; however in cases where the tendon has snapped or ruptured, surgical repair will probably be required.

Avoid re-injury to your Achilles tendon through conserative therapy treatments such as Deep Tissue Regeneration Therapy

An Achilles tendon injury is a painful, long term injury that can persist and re-injure itself for years unless treatment is properly addressed. Ask anyone that has had a serious achilles tendon injury - you will hear astonishing stories of incredible pain and a healing time that is often years, not months! Every time you move your ankle, the achilles tendon moves too - when you have an achilles injury, moving hurts! Once the Achilles tendon is injured, continuing movement and exercise means that 100% recovery is nearly impossible without proper therapy.

Eventually, if left untreated, a complete rupture of the tendon may result and treatment becomes even more problematic at this point.


Achilles tendon pain can beging at the back of your foot and radiate up your leg depending on the severity of your injury.

If you have Achilles tendonitis, you will be suffering from irritation and inflammation in the back of foot - just above the heel. When you have Achilles Tendinitis, you are basically suffering from a result of degenerative tears within the tendon itself. These microscopic tears are much akin to a rope that is starting to fray from excessive load - basically your tendon is telling you that it is not strong enough to handle the loads that you have been putting on it.

In most cases of Achilles tendonitis, the main injury site is typically located 2-4 cm above the heel. This is known as the watershed zone of the Achilles tendon -- simply meaning that it is the part of the Achilles tendon that receives the least amount of blood supply. The less blood supply, the more prone to injury the area is.

Tendon Watershed Zone = Least Amount of Blood Supply = Area of Tendon Most Prone to Injury


If you suspect you may have an Achilles tendon injury:

  • The first thing to do is consult your physician. Only your physician can give you a proper diagnosis and from this, determine a course of proper treatment. Unless you have a rupture, your physician will almost always recommend conservative treatment options - conservative treatment options for an achilles tendon injury typically means rest, ice the injury, elevate the injury and take anti-inflammatory medication.
  • Second, if your physician has decided that your injury can be treated with conservative treatment options, then you will find that many of our customers have had great success treating themselves with our powerful conservative treatment products - the Achilles Cold Compress or Ice Pack and the Achilles TShellz Wrap.
  • Or, if surgical intervention is required, talk with your physician about using these same products for post-surgery recovery as you will find them to be effective for reducing post-surgery inflammation, enhancing range of motion and minimizing scar tissue growth.

Achilles Movement and the Re-Injury Cycle

Every time you flex your ankle, those ligaments and muscle tissue move; when they are inflamed, every movement hurts. Once this tissue is injured it's painful and becomes very difficult to recover 100% without proper treatment.

It is almost impossible to keep from re-straining your achilles tendon, because even when the pain is gone you still aren't fully healed. When pain disappears, that's when we start using our ankle normally again even though it isn't fully healed. It's just not possible to stop everything and rest the injury properly. Everyone has demands that make them keep going and when we are active we prevent the achilles from healing completely. We continually re-injure the area through our daily activities which can often lead to a chronic (long term) injury.

Heal Achilles Tendon Foot Injury Deep Tissue Regeneration Therapy

Constant re-injury (you know when it's happening, you can feel the pain) needs to be avoided at all costs. Obviously, it delays the healing process, but what's worse is that every re-injury and additional healing cycle increases the amount of scar tissue that builds up in the area of your original Achilles tendon injury.

Scar Tissue

Scar tissue is hard, inflexible, and tough to get rid of. The more severe your Achilles tendon injury is, the more likely that this scar tissue will lengthen your tendon. Adding this length can negaitvely impact your ability to walk normally because it restricts your ability to control the movement of your foot. Scar tissue also makes your Achilles tendon much more prone to injury again later on. The more scar tissue that develops, the more you lose the range of motion in your ankle joint and lower leg.

Continuous re-injury and build-up of scar tissue while staying active means you will have a greater chance of winding up with on-going pain, more tearing in your tendon, tendinosis (thickening of your tendon) or a full rupture.

If you have pain and inflammation in your Achilles tendon or in the muscles of your lower leg, it's very important to heal your injury quickly and completely. You must avoid the build up of scar tissue. If you don't, your Achilles tendon injury may plague you forever. This is why it is so important to continuously use conservative treatment tools to heal any recurring tendon or ligament damage before it can build into something big. For any Achilles tendon sufferer, having the right tools means all the difference.

Heal Achilles Tendon Foot Injury Deep Tissue Regeneration Therapy

We have tools that will help you to prevent and treat the symptoms of chronic Achilles injuries (tendinosis or recovery from Achilles tendon surgery). When it comes to your Achilles, it's best to start effective long term healing right away. Our Advisers are highly trained individuals and will help find the long term healing goal that's right for YOU. Why wait?
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To Start Recovery, Healing Time must be Minimized with Effective Treatment Options

If you have an Achilles tendon injury, it's very important to heal it quickly and completely. Minimizing the healing time should be an obvious goal, as chronic Achilles tendonitis will limit your ability to go about your daily routine for a long period of time.

A seemingly small, nagging injury in your ankle that is not properly treated can lead to a chronic painful Achilles tendon injury that can persist for months or even years if not properly treated.

What You Need to Successfully Treat Your Achilles Injury:

  • A Cold Compress (or ice pack) to reduce inflammation of the soft tissue injury over the first 48 hours following the injury.
  • A Deep Tissue Therapeutic Achilles TShellz Wrap to increase Blood-flow to the injured achilles tendon (DTR Therapy Therapy).
  • An Exercise & Stretching Plan to prevent muscle atrophy and shortened tendons. A proper plan will increase elasticity and strengthen the knee.

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These tools are what you need for rapid healing. These are the tools that top professional athletes use to treat their tendon injuries every single day. And just like these athletes, you can treat yourself at home. In fact, if you want to heal properly you have to treat yourself because you need to treat your injury every single day.

If you have an Achilles tendon injury or you are recovering from surgery, you can heal quickly if you treat your injury correctly. That means using the right therapies every single day.

How the Body uses Blood Flow to Repair Itself

Before we go further, it is important to understand that your body is capable of healing itself. This is why your physician will always try to opt for the conservative treatment first - usually, it works although it takes time to heal. Your blood flow carries oxygen and much needed nutrients to injured cells in the body while also flushing away toxins and waste at the same time.

DTR Therapy is effective Deep Tissue Regeneration Therapy for long term achilles tendon healing

When you have a tendon injury, however, there is not much blood flow in your injured tendon, especially if it is in the watershed zone, which it probably is. Inflammation and reduced movement (lack of activity or on-going immobility) reduces the flow of blood to an area that is already receiving very little blood flow. If you are moving your injured Achilles around you run a risk of increasing the severity of the injury. If there has been some healing, you could re-injure your tendon all over again.

Re-injury to your Achilles tendon can create a massive amount of scar tissue that will degenerate (break down) your Achilles tendon and possibly lead to a full rupture of the tendon.

Blood Flow - the natural healing process in your body - needs assistance for Achilles tendon injuries because blood flow is greatly reduced when you are injured. When treating an Achilles tendon injury or really any type of ankle or lower leg injury (ie. tennis leg, calf muscle strain, or a sprained ankle), you need to increase blood flow to your injury while your leg is healing. This increase in blood flow will accelerate your body's own ability to heal itself. In our opinion, the Achilles TShellz Wrap is the most highly effective blood circulation stimulator that you will find on the market.

Rapid Healing - Make it a Priority

Time is Money. A common phrase that is especially true when you are suffering from a debilitating injury! Rapid recovery will not happen by itself. If you need rapid recovery and complete healing thenwe advise you speak with your physician about whether the Achilles T•Shellz Wrap is a therapy you could use for assisting in your conservative treatment at home.

Anyone in the health-care business knows that your blood supplies the oxygen and much needed nutrients required to heal soft tissue injuries (injuries of cartilage, muscles ligament and tendons are soft-tissue injuries). The problem is that an injured achilles tendon means your blood flow is typically restricted in the area through inactivity and inflammation (swelling). The first step for conservative treatment of a soft tissue injury is to reduce the swelling to "open up" the area for greater blood flow. This is why health-care workers advise you to "ice" and "elevate" your injured ankle... it gets the swelling down fast. Second, treat the injured area with the MendMeShop® T•Shellz Wrap. Through this process,

  • Pain from the swelling diminishes, as the Cold Therapy treatments achieve the goal of inflammation reduction
  • Blood circulation is stimulated in the achilles area (via the T•Shellz Wrap), and this increased blood flow flushes toxins from the injury site and brings more nutrients to the area, allowing the injury to repair itself more quickly.

The Achilles T•Shellz Wrap is a highly effective therapy tool for patients recovering from an achilles injury. This wrap will aid in the recovery stage of healing and help prevent re-injury or tendon/muscle strain in the weakened joint. Without the risk of re-injury, most patients can and will recover from their injuries at an advanced rapid rate.

An achilles injury is a race against time. The faster and stronger you heal it, the less chance there is for re-injury or atrophy problems later on.

Treat the Swelling First, Then Boost Blood Flow

An injured Achilles tendon will receive very little blood flow; this occurs because swelling and inflammatory symptoms restrict that blood flow. Couple that with the fact that your Achilles tendon receives very little blood flow to begin with, and you can start to see why this can be a major problem.

During normal use of your Achilles tendon, activity will promote blood flow to send oxygen and nutrient-rich blood directly to your deep tissue. This is blood flow that your Achilles tendon doesn't receive when at rest or injured.

This is largely why Achilles tendon injuries take forever to heal. You need to reduce swelling and stimulate blood flow so your Achilles tendon gets the nutrition and oxygen it needs to properly heal.

Inflamed soft tissue in the achilles or lower leg muscles can cause extreme pain and reduce your ability to move. When you try and move your achilles when swollen, you run a very high risk of injuring it further. This is why you need cold right after the injury - it gets the swelling down. You don't need medication, drugging your whole body, to mask the pain. You need to reduce the inflammation in your lower leg and avoid re-injury to see a reduction in pain.

Since blood flow is a necessary component for natural healing - The first step for conservative treatment of a soft tissue Achilles tendon injury is to reduce the swelling to "open up" the area for greater blood flow. This is why health-care workers advise you to "ice" and "elevate" your injured foot... it gets the swelling down fast. When your swelling is under control... It's time to treat the injured area with the Achilles TShellz Wrap to bring oxygen and nutrients into your tendon to boost natural healing.

The Achilles Cold Compress or Ice Pack and TShellz Wrap are highly effective therapy tools for recovering patients of Achilles injuries. These products will aid in the recovery stage of healing and help prevent re-injury of the achilles tendon and surrounding soft tissue. Without the risk of re-injury, most patients can and will recover from their injuries at a rapid rate.


An achilles tendon injury is a race against time. The faster and stronger you heal your achilles, the less chance there is for re-injury or ankle problems later on.

Know that Pain isn't the Only Proof
That You are Still Injured

Would you know you injured yourself if there was no pain? Probably not! Pain and swelling perform a useful role in letting you know that you did, in fact, injure yourself. Pain and swelling are what get you to seek out medical attention in the hopes of finding a way to reduce the pain and heal your injury.

We all know that if the injury was healed, the pain would go away but what about the opposite situation? If the pain is gone, does that mean the injury is better? Unfortunately, this is not always true.

Cold gets rid of swelling and often much of the pain. Keep in mind, however, an injury is not healed just because the pain is gone - this is why the pain and swelling returns after you start using your achilles again! You need to keep treating your achilles with an Achilles T•Shellz Wrap until it is healed.

Achilles tendon injuries heal faster with Achilles TShellz Wrap

On-going Blood Circulation Boost Therapy treatments at home, every day, will soothe, relax and promote healing of your damaged Achilles tendon tissue. Blood Circulation Boost Therapy treatments on your Achilles tendon will allow your soft tissue to extend further when you do some stretching after the treatment. In a nutshell, consistent Blood Circulation Boost Therapy treatments combined with light stretching will elongate your Achilles tendon and increase its elasticity, essentially boosting the recovery of your injured Achilles.

Part of your process to recover from your Achilles tendon injury is gently re-introducing activity and stretching into your daily life. It's important to keep your Achilles tendon moving to reduce the amount of scar tissue that forms and increase (or eventually maintain) your flexibility/mobility.

When used in combination with mild stretching (and an ice pack when the swelling flares up), the Achilles TShellz Wrap provide all the necessary treatments to reduce the pain of your injured achilles, greatly enhance the blood flow to your injury and allow you to maintain and even improve the elasticity within the Achilles tendon.

If you have an achilles injury or lower leg soft tissue injury you can heal quickly if you treat your injury correctly. That means talking with your physician about using the right therapies every single day. I will now explain to you exactly why these therapies are critical for properly addressing a soft tissue tendon or muscle injury. Learning about this therapy system is essential. Once you have read more, you will understand that we have the unique ability to provide you with the best treatment options available to you at home. In fact, EM Energy products like ours are currently being used in many doctors and therapist clinics - they are just that good!

The Achilles TShellz Wrap is intended for superior treatment of:

  • Achilles Tendon Strain, Partial Tear or Post Surgical Recovery.
  • Achilles Midpoint or Insertionaly Tendonitis
  • Achilles Tendon Rupture Post Surgical Recovery.
  • Tennis Leg Strain, Partial Tear or Post Surgical Recovery.
  • Achilles Tendon laceration.
  • Ankle Sprain Symptoms or Chronic Pain.
  • General Heel, Ankle, Achilles, Calf Muscle or Lower Leg Pain.
  • Chronic Achilles Tendon Inflammation.
  • Achilles Tendon Sheath Injuries, Thickened Tendons, General Achilles Tendinopathy

If you have a bad achilles injury or chronic condition, you will benefit greatly by treating your injury correctly. That means using the right therapies every single day. Here's how they work:

Treatment with an Achilles TShellz Wrap =
Positive, Long-Term Healing Results with (Blood Circulation Boost Therapy)

Once initial swelling has been reduced, this is the best time for you to focus on avoiding re-injury of your Achilles tendon and improving blood flow to your damaged tissue. It's vital that you don't go back to activities too soon because you might bring on a major set-back in your recovery...

  • Have you re-injured your Achilles by returning to work too quickly?
  • How many times in the past have you aggravated your Achilles injury just trying to perform basic tasks around your house?
  • Is your Achilles injury preventing you from work or activities you love to do?

Most people we deal with tell us these scenarios have happened to them many times in the past. The real challenge is how to promote blood flow to your Achilles without causing further injury. This goal is further complicated by the fact that your Achilles tendon is involved in a lot of physical activitites that you perform everyday.

Calf muscle, Achilles tendon and ankle pain run hand in hand.

Over compensation pain can result in a severe setback when recovering from an Achilles tendon injury.

Everything in the human body is connected. An Achilles tendon injury can lead to other injuries over time if not treated properly. For example, the foot of your injured leg may start hurting. On-going pain in this area could potentially result in plantar fasciitis.

You may also over-strain your Achilles tendon, knee and/or hip in your opposite, healthy leg because you will automatically put more weight on your non-injured side to cope with everyday activities. When you experience pain on the opposite side of your body, this is something called "over compensation" pain.

Over time you may also change the way that you walk when your Achilles tendon is hurting. If you change the way that you walk, how you get in and out of a car or even the way you climb a flight of stairs you may irritate your lower back. Usually an Achilles tendon injury will happen to your domininent leg (if you are right handed, this would be your right leg). When this happens there is a higher risk that you will over-strain your weaker leg that is compensating for your injury.

On-going injury, chronic conditions and over compensation pain are all reasons why it is important that you remain proactive in your recovery. This is why it's also critical to completely heal your Achilles tendon before returning to activity. If you don't focus on healing your injury quickly and completely you run the risk of interrupting your lifestyle in a major way.


Being proactive in your recovery means using treatment tools that can help you during your healing process. As we mentioned before, one major tool to your recovery process is increasing blood flow to your Achilles tendon. This is especially important because the insertion point of the Achilles tendon receives very little blood flow to begin with.

Deep Tissue Repair Achilles Ankle Wrap

Promoting blood flow around injured tissue to help the body heal itself is a concept that has been utilized for centuries. Oxygen and nutrients, carried within the blood, are critical for the body to heal itself. Without proper blood flow, recovering from an injury or condition will be delayed...sometimes for a very long period of time.

Even though the concept is simple, improving blood flow to your Achilles tendon can be difficult. When an injury occurs in or around a tendon, the challenges are even greater. Traditional methods require your ankle and Achilles tendon to move in order to promote blood flow - but that same motion that promotes blood flow can also make your pain and condition much worse. Relying on movement alone to increase blood flow puts you in danger of re-injuring your Achilles, another area of your body or even the dreaded over compensation pain we mentioned before.

So what do you do when you need to increase blood flow, but you can't move your Achilles tendon without re-injuring your tissue?

This is where the Achilles TShellz Wrap
and Deep Tissue Regeneration Therapy come in!


Our Achilles TShellz Wrap is an amazing product that relaxes your Achilles tendon while reducing your pain and speeding up your body's natural healing process. Deep Tissue Regeneration Therapy reduces, or even eliminates, the need for potentially harmful medication while it heals your damaged Achilles tendon. This therapy can also be used with other conservative treatment methods - like physical therapy and post-surgery rehabilitation.

Using an Achilles TShellz Wrap is truly a unique experience. Within moments of applying the Achilles TShellz Wrap to your ankle, you can feel the healing sensation from an increase in blood flow deep within your Achilles tendon. During your treatment, and for quite some time after you finish, your Achilles tendon will feel gently warmed and more relaxed. It's a very soothing sensation and extremely effective.

achilles electromagnetic energy accelerates healing

Regular treatments with an Achilles TShellz Wrap can reduce pain and stiffness from scar tissue and increase overall flexibility of your Achilles tendon. Increased blood flow will whisk away damaged tissue, toxins and any bacteria in your injured Achilles tendon to promote more effective healing. Getting rid of toxins will allow all of the positive healing processes to start in your Achilles tendon. Increasing blood flow will also increase the amount of oxygen that is being sent to your Achilles tendon AND boost your tendon's ability to absorb oxygen. (reference: 1)

How Does the Achilles TShellz Wrap Promote Blood Circulation Boost Therapy?
achilles tendon Tshellz

Each Achilles TShellz Wrap contains an Energy Pad that is flexible and shaped to conform around the back of your ankle. This Energy Pad emits a uniform wave of electromagnetic energy over the entire treatment area. This energy travels deep inside your Achilles tendon to stimulate the blood flow that is needed to heal your injury. It is the electromagnetic energy provided by our Achilles TShellz Wrap that is crucial to the healing process.

Electromagnetic energy waves are not heat waves. When they are emitted from the TShellz Wrap they penetrate right through your skin and fat layers until they get to your Achilles tendon. Once they reach the injured area, they are absorbed and quickly converted into heat energy right at the location of your injury.

While the concept of electromagnetic energy is slowly catching on in North America, the truth is, it is a technology that has been utilized for decades. Over the past 30 years, researchers in Japan and China have completed extensive studies on the use of electromagnetic energy for healing and their findings have been impressive. In addition, success has been reported in studies from countries such as Sweden and Germany. Research is continuing and soon, much of North America will know what the Far East and Europe has known for a long time; electromagnetic energy provides a wide range of health benefits for those not only suffering from Achilles tendon injuries, but for many other soft tissue injuries as well (including over compensation pain).

Benefits attributed to Electromagnetic Energy (the energy used in TShellz Wraps:

A Summary from Chapter 9 of "Therapeutic Heat and Cold", 4th edition.
( link) Ed. Justus F. Lehmann, M.D., Williams, and Wilkin.

Generally it is accepted that heat on soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments) provides the following desirable therapeutic effects:

  • Electromagnetic heat increases the extensibility of collagen tissues
    Tissues heated to 45 degrees Celsius and then stretched exhibit a nonelastic residual elongation of about 0.5 to 0.9 percent that persists after the stretch is removed. This does not occur in these same tissues when stretched at normal tissue temperatures. Therefore 20 stretching sessions can produce a 10 to 18 percentage increase in length of tissues heated and stretched.
    Stretching of tissue in the presence of heat would be especially valuable in working with ligaments, joint capsules, tendons, fascia, and synovium that have become scarred, thickened, or contracted. Such stretching at 45 degrees Celsius caused much less weakening in stretched tissues for a given elongation than a similar elongation produced at normal tissue temperatures.
    Experiments cited clearly showed low-force stretching could produce significant residual elongation when heat is applied together with stretching or range-of-motion exercises. This is safer than stretching tissues at normal tissue temperatures.
  • Electromagnetic heat decreases joint stiffness.
    There was a 20 percent decrease in rheumatoid finger joint stiffness at 45 degrees Celsius (112 degrees Fahrenheit) as compared with 33 degrees Celsius (92 degrees Fahrenheit), which correlated perfectly to both subjective and objective observation of stiffness. Speculation has it that any stiffened joint and thickened connective tissues may respond in a similar fashion.
  • Electromagnetic heat relieves muscle spasms.
    Muscle spasms have long been observed to be reduced through the use of heat, be they secondary to underlying skeletal, joint, or neuropathological conditions. This result is possibly produced by the combined effect of heat on both primary and secondary afferent nerves from spindle cells and from its effects on Golgi tendon organs. The results produced demonstrated their peak effect within the therapeutic temperature range obtainable with electromagnetic heat.
  • Electromagnetic heat treatment leads to pain relief.
    Pain may be relieved via the reduction of attendant or secondary spasms. Pain is also at times related to ischemia (lack of blood supply) due to tension or spasm that can be improved by the hyperemia that heat-induced vasodilatation produces, thus breaking the feedback loop in which the ischemia leads to further spasm and then more pain.
    Heat has been shown to reduce pain sensation by direct action on both free-nerve endings in tissues and on peripheral nerves. In one dental study, repeated heat applications led finally to abolishing of the whole nerve response responsible for pain arising from dental pulp.
    Localized electromagnetic therapy using lamps tuned to the 2 to 25 micron waveband is used for the treatment and relief of pain by over 40 reputable Chinese medical institutes.
  • Electromagnetic heat increases blood flow.
    Heating muscles produces an increased blood flow level similar to that seen during exercise. Temperature elevation also produces an increased blood flow and dilation directly in capillaries, arterioles, and venules, probably through direct action on their smooth muscles. The release of bradykinin, released as a consequence of sweat-gland activity, also produces increased blood flow and vasodilatation.
  • Electromagnetic heat assists in resolution of inflammatory infiltrates, edema, and exudates.
    Increased peripheral circulation provides the transport needed to help evacuate edema, which can help inflammation, decrease pain, and help speed healing.
  • Electromagnetic heat affects soft tissue injury.
    Electromagnetic healing is now becoming a leading edge care for soft tissue injuries to promote both relief in chronic or intractable "permanent" cases, and accelerated healing in newer injuries.

The T•Shellz Wrap, also known as a DTR Therapy Wrap, is an FDA Registered Medical Device and is suitable for use anywhere. It is completely safe for patients to use by themselves, and at home. The T•Shellz Wrap shell is made of neoprene and this helps shape the flexible Energy Pad to mold around the contours of the joint, ensuring there is an even distribution of safe, electromagnetic energy within the coverage area. Once treatment is complete, you also have the option of tightening the straps to provide light compression support for your injured joint. You can also unplug the device from the power supply enabling you to move around the home, office or clinic freely and still use the wrap for support and comfort.

The TShellz Wrap is an effective treatment tool that will accelerate the body's own healing process. As a side benefit, you will also find it to be very comfortable to wear at any time.

State of the art production facilities with a regimented quality control process ensure that you will receive a product that is designed to be safe and does what it is supposed to do...>quickly relieve pain and aid in the recovery from achilles tendon, muscles, ligaments and related soft tissue injuries.

Surgery, Rehabilitation and Healing Achilles Tendon Exercises

If you have undergone knee surgery and are looking for rehabilitation information, click here.

Increasing flexibility and strength in the ankle is a key component to speed healing and avoid re-injury. For this reason, we have created ebooks that outline specific exercises / stretches for our clients undergoing achilles injury recovery.

Even when you're injured and in pain you need to keep moving to break-up scar tissue that's forming in your tendons and ligaments in you knee.

Regular movement can increase healthy range of motion (ROM) of your ankle, guaranteeing you a speedier recovery process and return to regular activities.

Moving when you're injured is hard. Since moving while injured can be painful most people think it's better to stop moving, rest their foot and hope that their achilles injury will heal all on its' own. Even though rest is important to recovery, too much rest during the recovery process will increase the amount of scar tissue in you knee.

DTR Therapy knee treatments combined with a proper knee stretching regimen will help decrease scar tissue growth while increasing elasticity and strength in the knee joint.

During the healing process your body will fill in soft tissue tears with dense, brittle tissue called "scar tissue". The human body will use scar tissue as a temporary solution and will try to build the scar tissue as fast as possible to heal a tears in the soft tissue. Scar tissue can form fast to bring together the edges of a tear, but working fast doesn't mean that the job's done right. When scar tissue forms it doesn't come together as neatly as regular (healthy) tendon/ligament tissue would. Scar tissue fibers will lay down over top of your tear in a cluttered, messy and jumbled up way.

achilles tshellz wrap

Ankle Joint Atrophy is arguably a bigger issue than scar tissue. Whether you have a ankle/lower leg injury or have recently had an operation in that area, you will find that the joint has a more limited range of motion than you had before. In most cases, this is due to atrophy - the shortening of connective tissue in the knee due to inactivity. In cases where atrophy exists, it is very important to stretch and do gentle exercise to nip this problem in the bud before it becomes a chronic (long-lasting) issue. If you are currently recovering from a Achilles injury speak with your physician about stretches and exercise.

When done properly under recommendation of a physician, stretches have a proven track record of assisting in the speedy recovery of many patients. This is without doubt, the third and final essential tool for complete achilles/ankle injury recovery. Once a patient deals with the swelling and inflammation through use of an ice pack/cold compress, then begins the DTR Therapy process by using home treatment with the TShellz Wrap, all the while keeping rested to keep stress off the injury. Once the injury has healed, it is time to take the third and final step to recovery by beginning a rehabilitation stretching regimen.

Before making the transition to crutches, physical therapists prescribe gentle stretching of an injured achilles, especially if your are recovering from achilles reattachment surgery. They don't prescribe this to annoy you - it is in fact the most important part of injury recovery. You probably know of someone that chose not to do these stretches as it is common - and they paid a high price for it. By not listening to the therapist (ie. not stretching), there is a huge chance of re-injury or even sustaining an injury greater than the original injury ever was.

Consistent stretching (as prescribed by your physician or PT) not only helps minimize the growth of scar tissue, but it also increases the elasticity and strength of the achilles tendon and interconnected soft tissue. Stretching, when used in conjunction with the Achilles TShellz Wrap will allow you to be better prepared to handle higher and higher loads. Eventually you will reach a stage where your tendon can handle standing or walking for longer and longer periods of time. This is the final stage of recovery and depending on age, the nature of the injury, your weight and many other factors, it can take the longest time to complete. But remember, for achilles injuries, it pays to be patient! Rushing your tendon injury recovery almost never pays.

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Please Tell Me More About the Achilles TShellz Wraps


Achilles Tendon Facts

There are over 250,000 achilles tendon injuries each year in the US.

Achilles tendon ruptures are common in people between the ages of 30 and 50.

In runners, too rapid an increase in mileage, hill training without proper strengthening, and recent or inadequate changes to running gear can cause injuries to the Achilles tendon.

Achilles tendonitis accounts for an estimated 11% of running injuries.

3-5% of athletes are forced to leave their sports career due to Achilles tendon overuse injuries that go untreated.

Medications mask the pain but do very little in the healing of Achilles tendonitis. Anti-inflammatories, cortisone injections, and pain killers can cause Achilles tendonitis to worsen.

A fully ruptured tendon REQUIRES surgery. It will not heal on its own.

Achilles tendonitis and Achilles tendinitis are the same thing.

Continually using your Achilles tendon while it is injured will lead to a more serious and/or chronic injury.


Specialist Knee Pain Treatment Options

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An effective treatment alternative to plantar fasciitis surgery

This universal leg wrap can increase healing rate of a shin, calf, groin, thigh, or hamstring

TShellz Wrap Knee for meniscus injury acl injury mcl injury or hyperextended knee

Blood Circulation Boost TShellz Back wrap for the ultimate in sore back healing

Mendmeshop Customer Service for Chronic Knee Problem Treatment Recommendations